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Lil’ Shelters Done Right are outdoor structure professionals and can build your carport in NSW. We offer Carports and Carport installations for homes and businesses throughout the region and surrounding areas of Central Coast, New South Wales.

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Why Choose a Lil' Shelters Done Right Carport?

We are a professional construction company dedicated to the creation of outdoor structures such as pergolas, BBQ areas, and carports. Having a carport in Central Coast, New South Wales is a fantastic idea as it allows you to protect your vehicles be it a car, van, caravan, boat, trailer, or anything else you can think of!

Our carports are constructed using high-grade steel that ensures the carport will last for years to come, they will be able to endure harsh weather and stand strong through the weather conditions in the Central Coast New South Wales.

At Lil’ Shelters Done Right, we offer a range of different styles of carport from flat roofs, skillion, and flyover carports. Our carports have the following benefits and features:

  • Professionally created and installed structure.
  • We use Colorbond steel.
  • Our structures are versatile.
  • Offers covered protection to anything that you want or need.
  • Protects from sun, rain, falling debris (from trees), and harsh weather.
  • Shaded but high levels of ventilation.

Different Types of Carport in Central Coast New South Wales

There are various different styles of carports that are available, we will discuss a few of the different options below.

Benefits of a Flat Roof Carport

Flat roof carports are not entirely flat, despite what the name may imply. There is a slight pitch to the roof to allow rainwater to run off and avoid water pooling on the top and causing damage to the roof. The other components used in the construction are aluminum and steel.

A flat roof carport is the most efficient and fastest to install due to the way they are constructed. A flat-roof carport can be designed to suit the style of your house or garden. They are also available in a range of colors.

Flat Carport Construction Nsw
Skillion Carport Constuction Nsw

Benefits of Carports with Skillion Roofs

A skillion carport is often mistaken for a flat roof but it offers a more aggressive slope to help with the drainage and an extra level of style. A skillion carport is a great addition to a home and can be added anywhere it is needed.

They are quick to build and available with colorbond steel construction.

Benefits of a Fly Over Roof Carport

A fly over roof carport is a very popular option that feels as though it becomes part of the house. It “flys over” the home and is attached at various points ensuring a structurally strong carport. It also benefits from creating a single much more usable outdoor area that combines with the house. It also offers great water resistance and ventilation.

Fly Over Carport Constuction Nsw

What are the Benefits of a carport in New South Wales?

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1. Carports Are a Great Way to Provide Protection from the Elements

Whether you are looking for somewhere to protect your car, van, trailer, or maybe even boat! A carport provides a great place to store your vehicle and to protect them from the elements. Carports can be created in a range of styles, shapes, and sizes.

Having a carport installed at your home or business will not only protect your vehicle but it will also allow you the freedom to do what you need under the protection and shade of a roof whether you may be working on the engine or just washing the vehicle!

2. Carports Can Be Used for Storage, Parking, or Even Living Space​

A carport is not only for protecting your vehicle, it can also be used for storage or living space. Carports are not only great for storing all of the things you need to keep out of the elements but they make fantastic entertainment areas too!

A carport is a perfect addition to any backyard and allows you plenty of room to play games with family and friends undercover without having to worry about the weather. Carports are also great for using as extra living space if you need an area with a roof over your head but don’t want or need it to be enclosed all of the time!

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3. Carport Installations in New South Wales Are Affordable

Carports are an easy way to get instant outdoor storage or liveable space without spending a lot of money. Carports are created in a range of styles, shapes, and sizes. Carport installation is not only fast but also affordable! Carports by Lil’ Shelters Done Right offer Colorbond steel construction, professional installation, and warranties on the materials used. Carport installation in New South Wales is done right!

There are also finance options available should you need.

Humm offer up to $15,000 over 36 months with $8 per month account fees and an $80 establishment fee.

Brighte offer up to $45,000 over 36 months with $1 per month account keeping fee and $0 establishment fee.

4. Carports Come In All Shapes and Sizes - There Is One That Will Fit Your Needs!

Whether you are looking to have a carport added to protect a small area for a single car, or a larger area for 2 cars, a truck, etc you can talk to Lil’ Shelters Done Right and discuss the needs and desired outcome of your project.


 Local Council Regulations for Carports in New South Wales

Lil’ Shelters Done Right can offer you help and support when dealing with the councils and getting all the necessary permissions for your carport but it is best to contact the council directly and discuss with them exactly what is needed.

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David J.

Lil Shelter Quote Marks  The carport is a great addition to our home. With our two teenagers now driving it gives us the space to park cars and know they are protected from the weather. Thanks, Lil’ Shelters for this peace of mind.

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Robert & Jane B.

Lil Shelter Quote Marks   Our Outdoor area is an extension of our house. With the great expanse of the area added a whole new living area for us enjoy the beautiful Australian lifestyle…

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