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Carports are an excellent solution to keep your vehicle protected, whether the vehicle be a car, motorbike, boat or caravan, we are here to look after your ride. Protect your vehicle with the option of a freestanding or fascia fixed, flyover, flat or skillion roof and fibreglass, polycarbonate or double sided colorbond sheeting.

The Benifits

Of Having a Carport

Metal roofing is made from galvanized steel panels that are durable and can last for decades without rusting or corroding. The panels snap together in an assembly line fashion, saving time and labor costs when installing them on your property.
Here are some of the advantages to installing metal roofing on your personal or business property:

  • Durability & Longevity

    If installed correctly Metal roofs are known for lasting decades without rust or corrosion.

  • Low Maintenance

    Metal roofs are low maintenance because they are fire-resistant, insect-resistant, and weather-resistant.

  • Seamless Look

    Metal roofing is available in a variety of colors and styles, meaning you can get the look you want without seams or lines ruining the appeal.

  • Energy Efficiency

    When properly insulated, metal roofs can help reduce the costs of energy during both summer and winter seasons.

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We believe that in building a good business you must have a core set of values that align with your own. The staff you employ must align with these core values for you to create a great working culture and environment. A place you’ll love to come to, to be part of the family and not just somewhere to work at or hold a job

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We like to do what we say, when we say we will.

In Budget

We know that money is important and remaining within clients’ budget is a necessity.

Hassle Free

We like to take the hassle out of the project by making sure that all procedures are scheduled, organised and the client is aware of the timeline.

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Legal Responsibilities for Owner/Controller of Premises

Who is classified as the controller of the premises?

As per the Code of Practice for the Management and Control of Asbestos in Workplaces [NOHSC:2002(2005)], the “person with control” may be:

  • The owner of the premises
  • A person who has under any contract or lease an obligation to maintain or repair the premises
  • A person who is occupying the premises
  • A person who is able to make decisions about work undertaken at the premises
  • An employer at the premises

Persons with control of premises have a duty of care to:

  • Develop, implement and maintain an asbestos management plan.
  • Investigate the premises for the presence or possible presence of asbestos-containing material
  • Develop and maintain a register of the identified or presumed asbestos-containing material, including details on their locations, accessibility, condition, risk assessments, and control measures.
  • Develop measures to remove the asbestos-containing materials or otherwise to minimize the risks and prevent exposure to asbestos
  • Ensure the control measures are implemented as soon as possible and are maintained as long as the asbestos-containing materials remain in the workplace.