How Much is a Metal Carport? Ultimate Guide

How Much is a Metal Carport

There are many things to consider when answering the question – How much is a metal carport? Price is not the only thing to be considered as there is a cost to your time and well-being. To ensure you’re getting the best deal in terms of quality and price on your new metal carport, it’s important to do some research ahead of time. One way to eliminate any risk of overpaying or being misled about what you can afford is by talking to a reputable and well established figure in your area. Asking yourself and those who build carports professionally some of the questions listed in this article and it will help you find the right carport for your needs.

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What Type of Material Is Used?

You can have a carport made with other materials such as wood, but for the focus of this article I will keep the focus on metal carports as wood is no longer used as much

There are three main types of metal carports: galvanized steel, aluminum and steel. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses as well as price point attached to it. Steel is usually considered a mid-range priced product that offers good value for your money. Aluminum is often lighter than steel, and it also tends to be more expensive. Galvanized steel generally offers the best value for your dollar but it’s also one of the heaviest types of metal carports along with steel.

Pile Of Aluminum Poles

What Is the Difference between Steel and Aluminum Carports?

Aluminum carports are often more expensive than steel, but they offer a more modern and sleek look on the outside. The inside of an aluminum carport is also less likely to be as hot as one that uses steel beams and these structures tend to be lighter and not captured the heat as much. Depending on the area you are in will also play into the type of metal carport that you should have. Steel is stronger and can withstand harsher conditions so it’s not going to buckle under strong winds or other elements if you are in an area that has violent weather conditions. Steel can rust over a long period of time but aluminum will corrode.

Flyover Metal Carport

What Size Should I Get?​

Metal carports come in many different sizes which depend on how much space you have available outside of your garage or driveway. If there isn’t enough room then a large metal carport might not be the best option.  You should be looking for something that fits into the available space that you have and there is generally a way to fit a carport where you need.

Carports are sold and built in various dimensions including 5×5, 6×10, and 8×20. These options can be customised even further by choosing between different leg styles and crossbeams.

What are the Benefits of Metal Carports vs Other Types of Carports?

Metal carports are more durable than other types of carports. They also offer protection from the sun, rain, snow, wind, hail and other elements and will not deteriorate. Metal is often more expensive than having a carport built out of wood and concrete, but this does depend on the style and model that is chosen.   Even though metal carports themselves can be pricier, the cost is worth it because the other types of materials can rot and break over time whilst a metal carport will standard strong for decades if the foundations it is built upon are strong.

What Style Carport Do I Want?

There are many styles available when you’re shopping around so it might actually help you to narrow down your options if you have a general idea of what type of metal carport you want. For example, there are several different styles available including flat roof, skillion, and flyover. There are also steel triangular carports that offer great protection for larger vehicles.

The design of your metal carport will be directly impacted by what you plan to store in it. If you’re using it for a boat, 4-wheeler or another type of recreational vehicle then the correct style of the carport is especially important.  If you would like to discuss your carport project you can call Lil’ Shelters Done Right and work out the best option for you.

Flat Roof Carport

What Are My Customization Options?

Some of the customization options when purchasing metal carports include height, length, and color but there are also things to be done afterwards.

Height: Metal is versatile and it’s easy to add more height to a custom design metal carport if you need it. You can add an extra 3-4’ of clearance for your headroom.

Length: One of the features that sets this style apart from other structures is how long it can be made. It is important to know what size your structure needs before commencing a project so you have enough room for everything under cover.

Color: Many companies offer their customers the choice of paint or rust protection finish for their new metal carport. Sealed coatings are also available if you are concerned about corrosion or discoloration.

After the completion of the project, there are also several customization options available: For example, you might want additional lighting inside your metal carport, added ventilation, solar panels, or maybe even a mini-kitchenette. It’s important to choose options that match both the style and purpose of your new metal carport for maximum value and flexibility.

Flyover Carport Bungalow

Where Can I Buy Metal Carports?

New metal carports can be purchased at professional building companies such as us here at Lil’ Shelters Done Right but you can also find DIY versions at most home improvement centers, carport dealers and in online stores.  When purchasing the carport from any of those listed above it is worth making sure of their reputation within the industry, the quality of the materials used, how much involvement you will need with its construction, and the difference in price between the options.  You will often find the cheapest deals will use the cheapest metals and will not last.

Are Metal Carports Safe?

Metal carports are safe in terms of strength, duration, and reliability.  They will not buckle and bed, rot, degrade, or burn.  A metal carport is safe as long as there is minimum maintenance and care taken.  If it starts to rust or is damaged then it could have sharp edges but this is not as likely as getting a splinter from a wooden frame.  A metal carport is about as a safe as it gets.

Do Metal Carports Rust?

If the steel is painted, galvanized, or wrapped, it should not rust but if the metal carports are exposed to salty air or other harsh elements then they can rust over time if not properly maintained and cared for. If you notice any spots of surface rust on your metal carport then you should act quickly to assess the problem and take the care needed to stop it from growing.  An Aluminum carport will not rust but it will corrode.

Rusty Metal

How Much Does a Metal Carport Cost in Your Area?

Asking this question in a forum or on social media can also help you get a sense of what prices are in your region. Prices will vary depending on the size and type of metal being used so it is important to have all these variables in mind when making inquiries. Asking for quotes will also help you get a better sense of what your actual costs for this type of structure might be. You should expect to pay an average of $1000-$4000 for a metal carport depending on size and the style that you choose.  Give us a call to get a quote and to discuss your carport project with our friendly staff.

What Warranties Are Available?

Some carports come with a warranty while others do not. Warranties can vary in terms of how long they last and what type of damage is covered. You should also consider whether you might be able to purchase additional coverage as part of your warranty for additional peace of mind.

At Lil’ Shelters Done Right we offer a warranty of between 20 – 25 years depending on the construction used for your metal carport.

What Should I Look Out for When Getting Quotes?

It is important to know the measurements that you will need and if you have a style or construction preferences. You will need to ask – how long it will take and what type of warranty comes with the carport you are purchasing and to see their reviews and references. If you are not aware of the types of materials being offered and used, ask for more information about their warranty and what to expect in terms of maintenance.

What Should I Know About the Carport Installation Process?

When installing a metal carport you will need to have any necessary permits in place before the construction beings.  The permits required will depend on where you live so it will be worth checking with the local authorities. When having the metal structure set up by experts, make sure your carport dealer is knowledgeable about any necessary permits that are needed and that they will be using standard building practices to ensure your house or business remains safe with the additional . It is also important that they are experienced in laying out the base of the structure, ensuring it’s square and leveling it before adding anything else.

Worker Builds Carport

How Much Does a Metal Carport Cost?

Metal Carports cost anywhere from $5,000 for a small basic steel carport to $100,000 for a larger steel commercial metal carport. Costs also vary depending on the type of metal, whether that is steel or aluminum, the style, and what you plan to use it for (storage, campground, etc).

There are also options of DIY metal carports but these are more complex and require a vast knowledge base, skills, and time.  The issue with DIY carports is that the end result is often not as finished as a professionally built metal carport.  You can definitely do so, but comparing the time involved, the skills required, and the knowledge needed it is often worth paying that little bit more to get a professionally constructed carport that will sit proudly on your driveway and last for many years to come.  At Lil’ Shelters Done Right we are here to guide you through the process and build the carport you need.

It is recommended to go with a professional company that can offer a warranty, professional-level service and finish, and advice and ideas on how to best maintain and use your metal carport.

When talking about how much does a metal carport cost it is worth considering finance in some cases.  Here at Lil’ Shelters Done Right we offer a range of financing possibilities to suit all.

  1. Humm – Up to $15,000 over 36 months with $8 per month account fees and an $80 establishment fee.
  2. Brighte – Up to $45,000 over 36 months with $1 per month account keeping fee and $0 establishment fee.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a new metal carport, it’s important to do your research before making any decisions. You want to make sure that whatever product or service you choose is the right fit for both your needs and budget. Our team of experts would be happy to help with this process by providing helpful tips on how much is a metal carports as well as offering the best advice and service available. We hope that our blog post has helped shed some light on what questions should be asked when getting quotes from us or others so that you can get the most out of your new metal carport!




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