7 Best Tip for Installing a DIY Carport on a Sloping Driveway

Installing a DIY Carport on a Sloping Driveway

Can I build a DIY Carport on a Sloping Driveway?

Installing a DIY Carport on your sloping driveway is possible, but there’s more than just building and installing the structure itself. In this article we will discuss seven tips for ensuring that you get everything done correctly so it can be enjoyed as soon as possible!

Why Would I Think About Installing a DIY Carport on a Sloping Driveway?

A Carport is a great addition to your home, it can add covered space, protect vehicles (and anything stored under there) from rainfall, falling debris from trees, it creates a shaded area that has no walls, and therefore fantastic ventilation! Due to this fact, a carport is far less secure than a garage but it is not designed to be a garage so has benefits and negatives.

Just because you have a sloping driving way it is still possible to add a Carport.

A Quick Overview of the Available Carports for Sloping Driveways

There are several different types of Carports available when installing a DIY Carport on a sloping driveway.

Flat Roof Carport
Skillion Roof Carport
Fly Over Roof Carport

Flat Carport Construction Nsw

Flat Roof Carport

Flat Carport roofs are a great solution for your carport needs.  They are easy to maintain and look great on your driveway.  If you are in an area with lots of rainfall, lots of falling debris (tree leaves), then a Skillion maybe better.

  • Adds protection to where ever is needed.
  • Best for areas with little rain.
  • Uses Colorbond Steel.

Skillion Roof Carport

Skillion Carport Roofs are often misnamed as Flat Roof Carports, but the main difference is that they have 2 – 3 degrees of roof fall on them to help with drainage.  This is beneficial to help keep the roof free and clean of water and fallen debris.

  • Adds protection to where ever is needed.
  • Easy drainage due to slope, therefore requires less maintenance.
  • Uses Colorbond Steel.
Skillion Carport Constuction Nsw
Fly Over Carport Constuction Nsw

Fly Over Roof Carport

A Fly Over Carport Roof is one of our most popular options as it allows the carport to sit above the existing roof and is generally attached to a structural point on the house.

  • Extra height and shade reduces temperature creating a much more usable outdoor area.
  • Great water resistance seal against the house.
  • Uses Colorbond Steel
  • Possibility of adding extra ventilation if needed.

What to Think About When Installing a DIY Carport on a Sloping Driveway

In an ideal world, your driveway would be level and your Carport would be built on flat ground, this is however often not the case.  There are many points to think about when installing a DIY carport on a sloping driveway, but we have covered our main 7 points.


Build the Carport to the Highest Point from Ground Level

When considering the height of your carport it is important to measure from the highest point and build from there.  If you were to measure 3 meters from the lowest point, and then arrive at the back of the carport on your sloping driveway there would be no room for the car! Ensure you measure from the highest and then make the lower level match that.

For example, if your carport is 2.5 meters high at one end and then 3 meters high at the other, you desired carport height would be 2.5 meters but you would need to engineer the carport to support a 3-meter height.

Installing A Diy Carport On A Sloping Driveway
Flat Carport Construction Nsw


The Carport Supports Must be Concreted Directly into the Ground

When installing a DIY carport on a sloping driveway it is important to concrete the support posts directly into the ground.  Some people will use footing plates but this is only on a perfectly flat surface that sits at a 90° angle, on a sloping driveway this will not work.

Sometimes it is possible to install the carport outside of the existing driveway and to straddle it, this will allow you to put the supports directly into the ground.  Alternatively, holes can be cut or drilled into the existing concrete and the carport supports can be concreted in there.

The end result of installing a DIY carport on a sloping driveway with supports that are concreted in, rather than a plate is much stronger and aesthetically pleasing.


A Steep Sloping Driveway is too Steep for a Carport

If you are installing a DIY carport of a sloping driveway and it has an incline of more than 15%, it is likely too steep for a carport and likely too steep for your car to access.  Finding a balance between a slope and it still being accessible is important! Do not ignore this seemingly obvious but incredibly important point.

Another point to take into consideration – if the slope is too steep then you may encounter issues with the wind during extreme weather as the air funnels up the slope and compresses under the roof of the carport.

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Driveway Materials

As mentioned above, installing a carport on a sloping driveway that is too steep could cause issues with access and extreme weather.

Making sure that the floor of the carport is suitable should not be overlooked.  If you have a driveway made of fine stones and gravel you will likely find that you lose traction under pressure and encounter wheel spin.  This is not ideal as stone can flick and damage surrounding items and buildings. 

A capable vehicle and a material that gives suitable traction such as concrete can be useful especially when trying to make sure to arrive underneath your carport at the top of your slope.

Ideally, we are considering a sloping driveway that is gentle rather than overly steep aka a hill.


Local Laws & Regulations

Whilst installing a DIY carport on a sloping driveway is possible, is it legal? The laws and codes that are in place will vary from state to state and you will need to make sure to contact your local authorities before making a start on your carport.

It is worth contacting them to find out any rules and regulations that need to be followed, it is often worth having a carport professionally installed by someone such as Lil’ Shelters Done Right to help you navigate through the maze.

The rules can be quite specific in terms of structure, the slope, the materials used in the construction of the carport.

Flat Roof Carport
Fly Over Carport Constuction Nsw


For A Sloped Car Port, Is Concrete Better Than Asphalt?

When installing a DIY Carport on a sloped driveway it is important to make sure you have the driveway constructed of the right material.  As previously mentioned stones and gravel are not ideal for steeper driveways; concrete and asphalt are likely the two best options.  

Asphalt and concrete are relatively similar but do have some marked differences it terms of outcome.  If you lay a concrete driveway then it will be solid, and a very strong foundation that will not subside any time soon.  A tarmac driveway will be easier and cheaper to lay but may not support as well and may shift slightly over time.

The labor involved with laying a concrete driveway is also greater but it may have more restrictions and regulations depending on your local government area.



Is it Better to Use Metal or Wood when Installing a DIY Carport on a Sloped Driveway?

Metal and wood carports both have some pros and cons but when thinking of installing a DIY carport on a sloped driveway this is especially important.

A wooden carport can look lovely and attractive but will often become weathered very quickly.  They can also cost more than a metal carport, require more maintenance and care, and will generally not last as long.  A wooden carport is also not ideal for installing on a steep driveway due to the forces and strains that it may encounter.

A metal carport is likely to be cheaper, require less maintenance, and be structurally sound due to the strength of the metal (often steel) that has been used.  Metal carports are far more durable in general and you can be sure that the metal will support the weight and withstand any weather conditions – standard or extreme.

In conclusion, when installing a DIY carport on a sloping driveway I would suggest metal has the edge and should be used.

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In Conclusion...

Installing a DIY carport on a sloping driveway is definitely possible, there are a few things to take into consideration but they should not be considered restraints.  It is advisable to get a professional company in such as Lil’ Shelter Done Right who have 35 years in the roof industry.  Get in touch today and see how we can help you with your Carport.




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